Dr. Claudia Rabl, BSc

Psychotherapeutin (Integrative Gestalttherapie)

Psychologin BSc

Sozial- und Wirtschaftswissenschafterin

Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie 
nach deutschem Recht

1976 Born in Vienna, married, mother of two children

2003 Post-graduate degree in social and economic science from the Vienna     
         University of Economics and Business

2008 Completion of general education in psychotherapy (so-called            
         “Psychotherapeutisches Propädeutikum”) in Vienna and start of 
         methodological education in gestalt therapy 

2008-2012 Spent 4 years in Trier (Germany)

2010 Certificate of a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy according to 
         German law

2012 Opening of my private practice offering psychotherapy in Austria

2014 Bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Trier (Germany)

Vocational experience

Several years of vocational experience in the field of industrial economy 
(mainly international mid and large scale companies)  

Vocational experience in the field of psychosocial services:  

• Austrian Autism Aid Organization (Österreichische Autistenhilfe)
• Psychotherapeutical Health Care Centre of the Sigmund Freud Private 
   University (Vienna)
• Department of psychiatry at a hospital in Wittlich (Germany)
• Psychosocial crisis intervention for the region Trier/Trier-Saarburg (Germany)
• GPSD (Psychological services) in Trier since (Germany)
• Department of psychosomatic medicine and burnout at a rehab hospital in Bad Pirawarth (Lower Austria)
• Verein P.A.S.S. (Vienna) - prevention and therapy of addictions

My training as a psychotherapist enables me to support you well in any psychological problems you may encounter. In addition, my socio-economic background allows me to provide competent help with any problems that arise from your work environment (Counselling).