Job and business counselling can assist you with any issues related to your work environment. Duration and scope of the counselling is based on your specific requirements. Services provided include the following:


Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of job-related stress reactions such as:


  • Burnout syndrome (severe exhaustion after enduring stress caused by a workload that is either too much, too little or inadequate)

  • Bullying

  • Conflicts with supervisors, colleagues or customers

  • Change management during and after mergers and other types of reorganisations

  • Difficulties in balancing your job, private demands and recreation (work-life balance)

  • Exposure to violence in the workplace (including sexual harassment and discrimination due to sex, ethnic group, age or religion)

  • Psychological stress caused by job-related mobility (i.e. all types of commuting, moving your private home due to your employer’s relocation or frequent business trips)

  • Impacts of compulsive hoarding in the workplace

  • Dealing with job insecurity or job loss as well as subsequent counselling on professional re-orientation

Processes of development and change in working life such as:


  • Vocational challenges caused by either changing jobs or professional re-orientation (career planning)

  • Taking on managerial tasks

  • (Re-)Entry into working life (e.g. after parental leave or completed education)

  • Developing a smooth transition into retirement.

  • Finding adequate ways to hand over family businesses from one generation to the next (e.g. prevention and resolving of conflicts)

If you are interested in a workshop on one of the above mentioned topics to be held at your company (or other place), please contact me.