During your initial consultation we get to know each other and we clarify whether psychotherapy can help you with your problems. Based on your expectations and wishes we define your aims and general conditions (e.g. frequency of sessions, costs). Following the initial consultation, you can think it over and decide in peace whether you would like me to be your psychotherapist. Starting your psychotherapy is usually possible within 2-4 weeks.



The first sessions focus on getting to know each other better – this enables me to better understand your concerns and it enables you to evaluate whether my way of working accommodates your needs. Therefore, after approx. 5 sessions your therapeutic aims will be revised (if necessary) and the further procedure will be discussed. Therapy is a process during which feelings, thoughts and aims can change, and so we will pause and check the validity of your aims on a regular basis.



It is your decision as a client when you wish to end your therapy. Experience shows that it is good to have at least one final session during which results of past sessions are reflected and the final phase of the therapy – just like its start - is carefully prepared (e.g. last sessions at longer intervals, prevention of relapse). The duration of your therapy is difficult to predict, but it is based on the guideline “as short as possible and as long as necessary”.