Starting psychotherapy can make sense:

  • If your quality of life is significantly affected by mental problems such as uncontrollable mood swings, fears, or unusual thoughts and moods.
  • If you fear that you can no longer control your consumption of alcohol, drugs, or medicine or if you experience physical aftereffects as a consequence of your consumption; as a follow-up treatment after detoxification or as prevention of relapse.

  • If you suffer from on-going sleeping disorders, psychosomatic ailments, impacts of chronic diseases and medical treatment alone has not shown the desired effect.

  • If you experience difficulties in interacting with other people (e.g. conflicts, fears) or if you have sexual problems.

  • If you wish to continue therapy that you have started during (psychiatric) residential treatment at hospital (i.e. follow-up care or supporting the transition from clinical treatment to your daily routine).

You are likely to benefit from couples counselling:

  • If you experience conflicts or communication problems in your relationship, and you both want to put joint efforts into solving your problems.

  • If you encounter problems or pain during sexual intercourse, and thorough medical examination has ruled out any physical causes.

  • If you want to clarify whether you wish to continue or end your existing relationship.

  • If you are already determined to separate and are looking for options that keep damages to a minimum.

Important requirements for successful psychotherapy are your wish to change and your willingness to accept professional help in having a close look at your emotions and experiences. There is no age limit, and indeed, psychotherapy can be sensible at any age.